Top 10 alternatives to New Relic in 2020!

Current Relic’s is a leading application performance management (APM) platform. This provides real-time data on the success of your web applications. Nonetheless, the reports you get is not quite accurate, and it is also challenging to get your thresholds correct. New Relic has a number of other disadvantages.

Here is a compiled list of the top 10 resources capable of replacing New Relic. The list includes both a commercial and an open-source APM tool with popular features and new updates.


Appdymanic provides Saas as well as an on-site alternative. This APM tool monitors the performance of the application. It also provides insight into how application affects the performance of the business.

Key features:

  • Offers End-to-end transaction tracing
  • Diagnose and eliminate problems at code-level
  • Visualize your entire application stack
  • Dynamic Baselining and Alerting


The Zenoss Performance Management Framework enables you to foresee and avoid outages with mixed IT environments. It lets you build a layout of your whole integrated IT system.


  • Deploy quickly and easily extend to collect performance and availability data from almost any device,
  • Streamline Hybrid IT Performance
  • Quick time to value by adding immediate flexibility to your existing hybrid IT Ops processes
  • Single, holistic view helps you to the faster root-cause identification and reduced downtime.

Level3 Application Performance Management

The Level 3 Application Performance Management Tool lets you improve the network and network performance.


  • Minimize hardware expenses and staffing needs
  • Efficient bandwidth utilization
  • Check for all the suspected security violations.
  • Helps you to grow your business


Foglight is an APM platform for tracking, maintaining and maximizing output through databases and virtual networks. This allows you to build a personalized APM system for end-to-end management.


  • Application server monitoring and diagnostics
  • SLA monitoring and dashboards
  • Transaction Recording
  • Monitor your middleware environment
  • Select products by a technology platform
  • Improve compliance with end-user SLAs


Catchpoint will easily spot problems until consumers see them, since it tests the sites every five minutes, or even every minute, through APIs.


  • You can access applications and services from any part of the world
  • Helps you to understand moving parts of your digital chain impact
  • Helps you to diagnose performance issues across a web application
  • Correlate customer’s experience with business outcomes to improve service delivery chain

Compuware APM

The Compuware APM platform makes it easy to track and automate dynamic programs. It provides complete perspectives for zero-configuration requirements.


  • Reduce Monthly Licensing Charges (MLC) Costs
  • User-experience monitoring
  • Identify Strategic Tuning Targets
  • Reduce Faults and Abends
  • Monitor application performance in public, private or hybrid clouds

Stackify Retrace

Stackify is a cloud-based platform that provides software developers, operations and service administrators with revolutionary APM solutions. This helps you to track and troubleshoot cloud-based applications and render DevOps available.


  • SaaS-based
  • Find bugs during development & QA
  • Integrated errors & log management
  • Troubleshoot production problems
  • Optimized for developers


SevOne provides full insight across the whole enterprise network, solving the issue of application performance control. This handles everything from on-site software to cloud-based applications.

Key Features:

  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Proactive performance and issue alerts
  • Application Performance Appliance (APA) converts packets into flow data.
  • End-to-end, multi-layer visibility
  • Automatic baseline generation
  • Instant report generation


Icinga 2 is a versatile method for tracking open source applications. It can meet most of the reporting requirements because it is a flexible system.


  • Performance-oriented
  • Allows rule-based configuration
  • Performance Monitoring
  • RESTful API of Icinga 2 helps you quickly update your configurations.


Rollbar is an important APM system for web and mobile applications that can manage glitches and issues effectively. Rollbar APM Software help you solve and execute errors with trust in minutes.


  • Seamless integrations
  • Rollbar to understand, reproduce, and fix errors quickly.
  • Customizable grouping rules
  • JavaScript Source Maps
  • Complete cause analysis of the issue
  • Broad platform support


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