Step by step guide to putting iTunes on Chromebook.

This article will help you navigate the Chromebook’s iTunes library.

You have already created a music library on iTunes. You bought a Chromebook and (maybe with great frustration) you found that you can’t install iTunes on Chromebook.

Don’t fret. Don’t fret. You can also access your iTunes music library through your Chrome OS browser. Let’s see how you can set it up on your Chromebook.

Connect iTunes Library to a mobile or laptop Chromebook

On Chromebook (and other computers you own) it is mainly possible to access the iTunes library by downloading the music from a Windows computer or Mac.

On a computer that already has your iTunes music:

  1. Go to Google Play Music website
  2. Click on the hamburger menu icon
  3. Click “Upload Music”
  4. From here, you can either drag songs to the website or click “SELECT FROM YOUR COMPUTER”
  5. The upload process may take some time, especially with slower connections. Also, be aware that a large library could be costly depending upon your data limits

For Windows, the default location for your music library is

c:\Users\[your login]\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music

For Mac, the default location for your music library is

/Users/[your login]/Music/iTunes

On your Chromebook:

  1. Add the Google Play Music app, if it’s not already added
  2. Activate Google Play Music, if it’s not already activated
  3. Enjoy your music.

Download the iTunes library on Chromebook can Wine and Linux machines

Here’s a Chromebook hack for iTunes that can work. If you want to install iTunes on Chromebook, you can try Wine in Ubuntu, but you can read the following paragraph before you do it.

Disclaimer: I didn’t try this approach. There are growing compatibility levels. Linux can add some security issues to your Chromebook. This method will actually be a strong investment, so the research on older models will be less likely. This approach is for daring people only.

  1. Install Linux on your Chromebook. I’m working on a guide to install Linux on Chromebook and will update this post with a link when I finish. Until then, a Google search will help.
  2. In your Linux installation, install PlayOnLinux (or Wine)
  3. Open the PlayOnLinux app
  4. Click install and search for iTunes
  5. Select the iTunes version
  6. The PlayOnLinux installation wizard will guide you through the iTunes installation.

For us, this approach requires too much energy and too many potential problems. We would like to use Google Play Music to access our Chromebook iTunes library.

To each one of them .

When will we get the real iTunes for Chromebook?

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t expect this to happen soon. The business model of Apple relies heavily on a proprietary and secure environment. Opening your applications to other channels needs much internal resources in order to sustain your environment.

There is a much broader Windows audience for consumers who would benefit from iTunes. Most people working for 9-5 now can listen to music in their iTunes library for slower times (and pay for extension of the app). Apple claimed that iTunes on Windows would make more money than it costs at some point, and perhaps they were right.

Will I move to the world of Google?

That’s not an easy question to answer. Personally, we like the culture of Google because it concentrates on transparency and collaboration.

This also allows more aggressive players to do so. For more than 20 years we’ve been interested in computing and IT, so we can detect operation with a bad smell. For all consumers, this may not be the same.

The openness makes it possible to find more peering eyes, but Google has done a lot to address these problems, particularly with Chromebooks. You can read why antivirus software is not required since Chromebooks.

Written by WikiRush Staff


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