Let’s understand the ‘Server Provisioning’!

Provisioning generally means “providing” or making something accessible. The word is used in a variety of IT contexts. For example, in grid computing a grid part such as a server, array, or switch should be enabled, so that it is available for use. In a Storage Area Network (SAN), the provisioning of storage is the mechanism by which output is optimised. Provision means providing the product or service within telecommunications terminology, such as wiring or bandwidth.

Provision of different aspects of telecommunications means a little different things:

1) Providing a customer with a telecommunications service, including all necessary services, such as equipment, wiring and transmission.

2) Used as a synonym for setup, as in “Properly designed telephone lines for the customer’s equipment and allowed for a variety of functions chosen by the customer.”

3) There are three separate types of provisions in a traditional telecommunications environment: circuit supply, service provisioning and switch supply.

4) Provisioning refers to device activation in a wireless system that includes the configuration of a variety of network systems of customer information.

5) Network delivery networks in a slightly different context are gateway systems that provide client services, record transfers, requests and download data.

6) The fourth step of the OAM&P telecommunications process is the provision: service, administration, repair and distribution.

7) The technical group which created the Services Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) provides “automation for all steps necessary for managing user or system access rights or information on electronically published services (settings, modifications, revocations).

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