Difference between cologne and body spray?

Several men would like to scent great! After all, that’s what a potential mate attracts. As for the various perfumes, body sprays, colognes and deodorants on the market, it will be so much easier to maintain one’s own smell.

There are thousands of men’s fragrances already on the market and, according to industry figures, hundreds of new products are introduced yearly. These scents come in varying forms and consistency range, based on the amount of the fragrance oils used. The longer it lasts and the more expensive the concentration of aromartic oil in a scent.

You can see that the selection of fragrance oils involves several raw materials to produce a small amount of product. It takes approximately 250 pounds of flowers to generate just one ounce of pure rose oil. Such oils are then mixed to create a wide spectrum of perfumed items with alcohol, water or carrier oils.

The fragrances are defined by their concentration of aromatic resin. For example, between 20 and 30 percent of a product labeled as an perfume or an eau de parfum oil explains its longevity and steep price. Eau de toilette is made from at least 10 percent oil (EDT’s usually contain about 15 to 18 percent fragrance) less expensive than a perfume. Eau de Cologne, on the other hand, contains 3-8% oil in a larger volume of perfume alcohol and water. Body spray of roughly 2 to 3 per cent fragrance oil is the least expensive of the bunch.

The costly scent doesn’t make you smell sweet. Recall, your skin can to some extent alter the smell and applying too much of a strong smell may be detrimental to others. It is therefore important to add a perfume to its strength and the purpose for which it is carried.

Perfumes are powerful and strong. Their scents will radiate around the user for a yard or more. These attributes might be attractive for a dance evening, but they can be distractive in a small office or at a wine tasting party. Use perfume in moderate quantities and sparingly to avoid invading the personal space of others.

Cologne is a “light” version of perfume, making it ideal to wear for occasions that require fragrance near the skin such as small offices, airplane cabins and company car trips. They are also better than perfumes during dinner days or occasions when food is served, as they do not overpower the food’s savory scents. Good cologne such as DIME uses alcohol for essential oils and other ingredients as a carrier.

Usually, the scent of body sprays is quite mild and more liberally dispersed than its more intense sections. Body spray can be used when appropriate as its fragrance disappears even quicker than perfumes and colognes.

Whether you like perfume, cologne or inexpensive prescription body sprays, it is important to decide the fragrance that responds well to your skin. Often, stop overdoing it in order to avoid the same negative reaction towards women or boys as body odor.

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