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Did anyone think why the color of sky is blue?

“The answer to why the sky is blue is not quite correct. The sky is blue, not because the atmosphere absorbs the other colors, but because the atmosphere tends to disperse the shorter wavelength (blue) of light to a greater extent than the longer wavelength (red) of light. Blue light from the sun is scattered everywhere, much more than the other colors, so when you look up in the daytime sky you see blue n. When the sun sets, the light that reaches you’ve had to go through a lot more atmosphere than when the sun is over, so the only color that isn’t scattered away is the long wavelength of light, the red. ” We can also answer why clouds, milk, powdered sugar and salt are white. The particles in these materials responsible for light scattering are larger than the wavelength of light. Consequently, all light colors are scattered by more or less the same amount. Much of the dispersion in milk is due to lipids (fat). If you remove fat, the milk will not disperse as much light;

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