Yes, you can use two different internet connections in one house!

Yes you can use two internet providers in one house!

For most homes for the US, both your cable service and your telecommunications company are allowed to access the internet at the same location. We are processed by coax or copper or oil. Normally the number for the “internet” and the “cable” is just 1 separate drop eacg-so you normally can not have more than two various fixed-line companies at the same residential address.

Technically, you could get 2 separate drops of the Internet services from the cable or phone company if you could find out how to get them to request them, but I guarantee that you’re irritated by their customer service department and give up before you try to get it activated.

In addition, you can theoretically get the Internet from many mobile providers – based on whoever has decent home coverage.

Thirdly, you can access the internet from a cellular ISP in some places (typically just 1 – if you live in a big city), and therefore this provides you with a third dimension as you carry the internet into your house.

You should then finish them on different wireless modems / routers / access points or find out whether a multi-faceted router can be purchased and installed. Some of these require you to connect or load switch, or stay on a linux PC with several etheret NICs and attach juggling them.

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